Sunday, February 13, 2011

Advice from the young me.

I was looking in my High School Journal the other day. I have one journal that covers from 10th grade to when I got married. (Now you see why I am such a bad blogger...I couldn't even keep up a journal). I wasn't cool. I was never popular. I feel like I didn't have a very rough time as a teenager. Anything rough I went through was usually brought on by my own stupidity or lack of action. I made it through High School without any major screw ups. Just an average kid doing average things. That is me. I loved to spout off advice to others. Many a friend and room mate came to me with hard questions. I probably did a poor job of helping them....but I did find a list of advice I gave to myself on October 1oth 1999 making me 17 years old. I thought I would share it.
I called them my "Closing Remarks"

1-Never judge yourself by what other people think of you.
2-Always take time to relax.
3-Turn up songs you love and sing to them.
4-You're never too old for Disney Movies and Fairy Tales.
5-Dance in your bedroom whenever you get the chance.
6-You can't judge a book by its cover but, be prepared for people to judge you by your cover
7-Own at least 1 pink item.
8-Work to be comfortable with who you are but never stop learning and growing.
9-You always have someone to turn to. Someone always understands because someone has always been there before....not to mention Jesus who suffered everything so he TOTALLY understands.
10-God loves you no matter what you do.
The End

So I think that is pretty smart stuff for a 17 year old. I decided I am going to take this on as a blogging project. I don't promise much.... but I am feeling a little reflective lately. I thought this may be a good outlet. Over the next couple of weeks I thought I might take some time to explore this advice to myself and whether it does or does not apply to me today.
Much Love

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  1. to your #4............Never too old for Disneyland either! LOL my MIL says that she will be going to Disneyland when she is 80 and walking around with a cane or being pushed in a wheelchair going from ride to ride like she was young!