Saturday, February 26, 2011

Real Love Stories Never Have Endings

These are my True Loves!
Here is my Banana all dolled up in her Valentines best for her "Tea" at school.

Here is a close up of her hair. I learned how to do these hearts from
I practiced our Valentines hair on Sunday so we would be fast Monday morning but Bananas changed her mind. We went from 2 hearts to 1 heart so you would think it was easier. Not true. But I think it turned our cute!
Here is my Bear. She is so stinking cute with that candy covered face. We ran out of time to get her picture before school due to the extra time I had to spend on Bananas.....SO Bear got her picture done after snacking on Valentine treats. Speaking of treats remember how when we were little it was awesome to get a few conversation hearts in the envelope with your Valentine. Or getting one of those red suckers was a BIG deal. Now candy is the norm and people go WAY above that. CRAZY!
Miss Bear got 2 little hearts and curls. This look is so her. I was really happy with how it turned out. I am glad she left it in all day at school so I could still get a pic when we got home. I love my Ladybugs. I also love their Daddy. I love taking pictures of him with them. YOu know what the best part is? He is reading them a chapter book about Tinkerbell and fairies in Neverland. Isn't it great when daddies put aside their manly ways and connect with their ladies

I love them every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every month of every year of every decade of every century of every millenia......... this could go on Forever and I hope it will.

ps. I got the top freebie print form ficklepickle then I put it in photoshop and layered a black and white picture over it.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Never Judge Yourself by What Other People Think of You

Why is it that we are always so worried about what other people think of us. Is it because you know what you think about other people, and assume they are thinking the same kind of things about you?

When you're a teenager you are constantly worried about your image. It seems like back then those things were a lot more important to me. After I got married we were so poor. Cam only went to school and I worked at a Daycare....anyone who has worked in child care knows that is not a very big paycheck. I know I lost all sense of what was fashionable- I wore clothes that I already had. We couldn't afford anything new. Then I got pregnant. I bought 1 pair of maternity pants, 1 skirt and 2 maternity shirts. I wore them when I went out. The rest of the time I wore my scrubs and Cams t-shirts. I was staying home tending my niece at the time so this was okay. After giving birth my body changed so dramatically that I had to get all new clothes. We only bought a few things-again money was an issue. By the time I gave birth to Bear I had gone up another 2 sizes and none of my clothes fit right and I hated my body so badly that I just gave up. I wore whatever I could find and whatever was cheap. About a year and a half later I woke up and asked why I was doing this to myself. It was like I was punishing myself for keeping on the baby weight. I didn't feel cute. I didn't feel sexy. I felt blah. I couldn't stand to look in the mirror. All I could see was the negative about myself. I felt bad about my appearance and it showed. None of my clothes fit my body right. I had stopped making myself a priority and as a result my self esteem took a nosedive. We do that so much as moms. We spend oodles of time worrying about how our kids look and forget that we should take time for our own appearance too. We still didn't have much of a clothes budget but I changed my attitude. Instead of going for the cheap and fast I spent more time looking choosing better colors better fit ect. As I started to do this I felt a lot better about myself. Do I still hate my body-yes. But I have a better self image because I take more care in how I look. My main wardrobe is jeans and workT's but that will always be me....

So how does that relate. Well I don't think I worry as much about what other people think when I am taking the time to feel good about myself. If you find that inner harmony, what other people think matters less. Kinda like Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter books. To others she was an oddball but she was comfortable in her own skin. We need to all work to be comfortable with ourselves. Truth be told I am my own harshest critic. If someone else is thinking something about me chances are I have thought it about myself only 10x worse. I have found that when I find joy in the good things about myself, and try to always move forward and fix the things that I don't like, that I feel better about me and worry less about what others think.

I think this is long enough even though I have other thoughts about other aspects of this.
So speaking of judging people.... Please don't judge me on my poor never was my strong point...I should fix that ;)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Advice from the young me.

I was looking in my High School Journal the other day. I have one journal that covers from 10th grade to when I got married. (Now you see why I am such a bad blogger...I couldn't even keep up a journal). I wasn't cool. I was never popular. I feel like I didn't have a very rough time as a teenager. Anything rough I went through was usually brought on by my own stupidity or lack of action. I made it through High School without any major screw ups. Just an average kid doing average things. That is me. I loved to spout off advice to others. Many a friend and room mate came to me with hard questions. I probably did a poor job of helping them....but I did find a list of advice I gave to myself on October 1oth 1999 making me 17 years old. I thought I would share it.
I called them my "Closing Remarks"

1-Never judge yourself by what other people think of you.
2-Always take time to relax.
3-Turn up songs you love and sing to them.
4-You're never too old for Disney Movies and Fairy Tales.
5-Dance in your bedroom whenever you get the chance.
6-You can't judge a book by its cover but, be prepared for people to judge you by your cover
7-Own at least 1 pink item.
8-Work to be comfortable with who you are but never stop learning and growing.
9-You always have someone to turn to. Someone always understands because someone has always been there before....not to mention Jesus who suffered everything so he TOTALLY understands.
10-God loves you no matter what you do.
The End

So I think that is pretty smart stuff for a 17 year old. I decided I am going to take this on as a blogging project. I don't promise much.... but I am feeling a little reflective lately. I thought this may be a good outlet. Over the next couple of weeks I thought I might take some time to explore this advice to myself and whether it does or does not apply to me today.
Much Love

Happy Valentines Day

Not a whole lot new to report in our neck of the woods. This winter has felt a lot like spring. Our girls really enjoyed riding their bikes yesterday. We were outside without our coats riding bikes in February....crazy stuff. But eventually winter will return.

Cam had his Birthday this week 29 years old. We are now approaching 30- can you believe it??
I certainly still feel like a 14 year old.

Lately I have been doing a lot of crafts for Valentines day. I have been so inspired by craft blogs with all their cute Valentineiness that I actually made stuff. Now I just have to start looking for St. Patrick's Day stuff to make.

I feel so boring.....but I think a lot of what you do as a mom is routine every day stuff. It is finding excitement and joy in the little things that really matters.

In closing I would like to express my love for you. If you read this blog chances are you have liked me a little at one point in my life....I want to say I LOVE YOU and wish you all the best!!