Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Christmas and Birthday( or lots more pictures of my kids...)

So I finally got my Christmas decorations put away a week ago and I thought I would finally do a post about some of our December activities. Enjoy!

These are not my kids but my kids did make them or decorate them I should say. We bought these ones pre-made from the store for a fun activity at Grandmas.
For Christmas we did a 25 day countdown. Each day of our advent had not only candy but also an activity for us to do. Here we are the first night playing Christmas Bingo.
This was Bananas EARLY birthday party. We had it at the start of December so we could make Christmas cookies!! First friend b-day party I ever let her have and we only invited 2 people but it was still crazy-but it was fun.
Yes this is my beautiful disaster. She tends to use the frosting and sprinkles like lotion...
Here is my detail oriented lady. She is precise and thoughtful in almost everything she does.
Aww My girl at her first ever school singing concert. She was the "star of the show" (I didn't say it her teacher did) But I did agree!
Candy Houses are always fun- and tasty!
Bear punched a hole in the roof and filled the whole thing with candy like a bank.
Oh here we go cooking again- this time gingerbread cookies for Santa- Daddy was our official taster.
Look no frosting lotion!! Success- oh wait I did the frosting they did the candy on these ones...
Trying to get a nice picture of our Christmas Eve Jammies....hmmm
Bananas sings for the Family
Bear cutes it up on the floor. Love this one of her!
After Christmas we spend a few days in St George. We went on a nice hike to Johnson's Arch. It was perfect for young kids- and our of shape people like me....not to strenuous but beautiful.
She was fearless running ahead and climbing high.
She preferred to keep her feet on the ground and play in the dirt.
Here we are in front of the arch. I just love the red rocks and the green brush. We also went past the arch and down on into a little alcove and played echo.
I love my girlies -
The snow storm that drove us home early from St. George was well worth it for the ladies.
Here she is my beautiful 6 year old girl. I can't believe how big she is getting.
Love the big puffy cheeks- and the cute headband Aunt Amanda made!
This one is for Grandpa!

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