Friday, November 19, 2010

IT HAS BEEN HOW LONG.....or what we have been doing since July.

Look at my cute Family!!

You know I am not a very good mommy blogger. I have to say I am the same way about writing in a journal. Really consistent for a while then....not so consistent. If you asked me as a teen what my biggest weakness is I would have said procrastination. Now if you asked me I think I would answer consistency. So here is a quick catch up of some of the stuff we have been up to for the last 4 months.

This little Bear had her 3rd birthday. I can not believe it. She is growing up so fast.

These are the cupcakes she requested. Chocolate with pink frosting.
We did get a little time in with nature. This was a beautiful hike around a lake. I can not remember where it was, and my hubby is unavailable to ask. I think it was by Snowbird. It was short and easy and pretty. It was also a rainy day. Thankfully the downpour let up and we got to go on the hike.

Here we all are. The intrepid explorers. Baby Bear is looking at the dead fish we found in the water. It was pretty much the highlight of the day for her. Funny girl!

Me and the Hubby. I am trying to get more pictures of us together. There are a lot of pictures of the girls, lots of him, a few of me but not many of us as a couple. I have taken it upon myself to fix that.

My Little Banana started Kindergarten which she loves. This is a pic of her first day finery.

Speaking of my Banana....this picture is SO her.

Here we are feeding ducks at First Dam. This baby with my hubby is my cute 1 year old niece. Though, because she belongs to the twin brother I think she looks like my girls. I just might have to keep her.....

Here we are at the Aggies football game. They even WON the game we went to!!

Awww hugging Big Blue

We also got to spend a weekend at Bear Lake. It was the perfect early fall day. It was warm enough to play in the water but cool enough that we did not bake.

I love my girls!!

Here my Bear shows off her budding fashion sense. She chose the whole look all by herself.
She was very proud of it as you can tell by the look on her face!

On to Halloween.......

Meet Witchy and Wicked our pumpkins. Yes my girls name their pumpkins and no it was not my idea. They come up with these things all on their own.

Here is my Spider Princess- Her costume gave me so much trouble.... I have got to learn to sew a strait line one of these days....... But I really like how it turned out. Trial and Error was my motto on this one but I think we got it right!

My little pumpkin. I love how her costume turned out!!

Had to add the one with my other cute niece (that I need to keep). She smiles and looks at the camera almost without fail....*sigh* one day perhaps my girls will learn that. Kidding!! I love the crazy looks I get on my girlies faces.

We tried out a recipe from the cookie cook book I got for my birthday. Treasure Chest Brownies. We had a lot of fun but I have got to find my cake decorating set (that is somewhere in the garage)....maybe I should just buy a new one or ask for one for Christmas.... Trying to do the decorative work with a baggie that was double pleated did not work so well. Next time I will make sure I buy the non pleated.....They sure were yummy. How can you go wrong with brownies, fudge covered graham crackers, m&m's, and chocolate frosting.

Last of all Bear FINALLY got to start a gymnastics class. She is so excited to get to go in the big room like sissy!

So that is a brief history of the last 4 month. Have a great rest of the Month. Let's see how long it takes until I update again..........


  1. So many cute things!

    I adore that pumpkin costume. It's such a great twist on the typical pumpkin costume and so feminine. And I'm surprised that your girls would hug a mascot. My kids run screaming in the opposite direction. When we went to our last Utah game, Monkey kept saying "Where is the bad bird man?"

  2. Awww I soooo need to do a picture blog to catch everyone definitely have more motivation then me right now! LOVE your blog!

  3. what adorable pictures and what an adorable family!