Sunday, April 11, 2010


In spite of the cold weather we had a really fun Easter this year. Once again we spent Easter with Cams parents. I don't think we have ever celebrated Easter at our own house. It was also conference weekend so it was nice not feeling guilty about missing our own ward.
Here are a few snapshots of Easter.Our bunny cakeReady for the egg huntLook what I foundTHIS is what Uncles are forThe loot!!Dyeing eggsGetting our baskets readyMiss BearMiss Banana
Seriously this is the best picture I could get. I took a gazillion pictures of them together in multiple locations and this is the only one that came out remotely normal. The out takes are cute but Ahhhh crazy mommy just wanted a nice picture where they were both smiling looking at the camera- there has got to be a secret to getting your kids to do that.
Take Care!!


  1. I love the Easter cake.

    We used to never spend holidays at our own house, either. But living 1200 miles away made us start doing that. In some ways, it's nice. But I still miss seeing my family.