Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bear Lake Picnic

After church today we decided to go on a car ride to Bear Lake- we took along a picnic so we could eat dinner while we were there. The real reason we needed a car ride was so Cam could study for his anatomy test tomorrow. He likes to have me quiz him and read him his notes while he drives. That way he is doing something and he also can't get away from it. I decided it works much better when we are freeway driving than canyon driving- all those twist and turns and elevation changes made it really hard for me to concentrate on his notes today.....

We had our picnic at the Garden City Playground. They really have the most unusual playground equipment there. It also looks a little dangerous but the girls really had a lot of fun. I think that the playgrounds they build now days are a little too safe sometimes but......
Here are all my children on the hangey-twirly-nater-thingy - yes it was Cams favorite too.

We called this the spiders web. Both of my girls climbed up to the top! When Bear got up there she goes "I the King"

Here we are skipping rocks at the lake.

We really love Bear Lake. It is so beautiful. I hope someday we will be able to afford a Cabin or something up there. Today was a lot of fun. It was relaxed and we felt adventurous. We need to do more outing like this. The best part was when we ran out of rocks and started throwing mud balls into the lake. You will never guess which one of my "kids" came up with that idea.....
Look two posts in one day- Yeah Me!

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  1. I actually have never been to Bear Lake, but I've heard that it is beautiful. Maybe, when we come back to visit, we'll try to make it up there.