Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Birthday Conundrum

As we get closer and closer to Bears 2nd birthday I ask myself this question. Should it really be this hard to figure out what to get a two year old girl for her birthday? No brainer right.... not for me. Am I the only one that has this problem. Stuffed animals- no we already have like 600, clothes- yes but we already got one outfit so we need to find something cooler than that. Dress-ups good but everything I see I could probably make myself and it is all soo expensive, movies- does she really need to watch more TV, a bike, got that already, a kitchen got that already- Plus how much it too much to spend on your kid for their birthday. 30, 40 50 dollars. But I think I have come to the root of the problem. As I look around my house all I can think of is what can I get that will not just end up strewn about. What will be easy for me? OH NO here comes the mommy guilt!! I just need to stop thinking about what I would like and get her what she would like. Any suggestions?


  1. Dress ups are the biggest hit with my two girls around here--if you have the time to make them, I bet they'd LOVE them. Maybe books, also? I don't know what else to really say--the kitchen and bike were what we thought of for a two-year-old. That's the trouble with being the 2nd sister, I guess. :)

    I totally don't blame you for not wanting to get a ton of junk that will just end up everywhere--my girls definitely have too many toys, and their grandparents just constantly give them more--they don't even remember to play with half of them anymore. It's frustrating.

  2. Since I've got two boys, and not two girls, my list of possible birthday gifts is slightly different (cars and trucks vs dress-up). But I still feel that sometimes it is hard to know what to get them. What about puzzles, books, or musical instruments? Of course, everything is still stuff you have to clean up.

  3. I have two boys too. So I'm in Katherine's boat. I can get my kid 5 cars and he thinks it's the best birthday ever! That's about $5. At this point you are probably going to get her something for you since she won't remember what she got for her second birthday. All you need is a good birthday cake and ice cream, take pictures, and put them in a book. Then call it good! I mean, do you remember what your parents got you for your second birthday?