Thursday, January 23, 2014

We are Fortunate

Just wanted to pop in to load a few pics of my brave Baby Bear.  You may remember this from Kindergarten
Beautiful stitched up princess who got hurt at school.  Well at least in First Grade we made it to Dec. before she was injured.  This time a buckle fracture in her wrist.  Look at this sweet girl. She fell off a slide and landed wrong at... you guessed it, school.  Am I wrong in being glad that it wasn't under my supervision that she was hurt? Sure, I like to be there if she is hurt but I can blame it on the school and not my own failings this way. Right?
 She hated this part of breaking her arm.  My girl who didn't blink twice having a huge gash in her head was worried to the point of tears that she looked weird with the black sling on.  For her the worst part of the injury was people seeing her looking like this.  She cried and cried because she thought people would think she looked weird.  The pain seemed like nothing, the inconvenience didn't bother her, but this did.  It broke my heart. She even wanted to skip school but, I wouldn't let her. Didn't want her to think that being self conscious was a reason to miss school.  We tied a sparkly ribbon on it to make it more bearable.

Now the hard cast... she loved.  She got a pink sparkly cast and Cam bought her a set of permanent markers to lug around in her backpack so people could sign it. 
She only had to wear it 4 weeks.  When she got it taken off she was pretty reluctant.  I think she would have loved to have it permanently  if it weren't for the fact that she couldn't take an hour long bath in it.

Miss Bear also finally lost her first tooth! Actually all four of her front teeth are loose at the same time. I hope they are lost gradually...  This is my super fun crazy baby girl and I just love all she brings to our Family.

One more thing before I go.  I wanted to add a pic of our 1st quarter Teacher Appreciation gift for the Primary Teachers I work with in church.  My secretary came up with the saying and it just evolved from there.  I think it turned out super cute.  I truly am fortunate to have so many great people helping me with my Primary calling.  I could never do it all myself!   I couldn't decide weather to write fortunate or "fortune-ate" I went with the  first because it just looked less weird to me.  I ordered the Chinese takeout boxes off amazon.  The pint size fit about 4 cookies which I ordered from Oriental Trading.  I made the tags myself in Photo Shop Elements. The boy and girl are stamps from Stampin' Up that were donated to my pre school a few years ago by a mom cleaning out her stuff before a move.  Nice.
WELL now I think I will go pin that image to my Primary board so I can remember what I did next year or maybe help another primary that is looking for a fun way to show their amazing teachers a little love.

Besides being a little burnt out at work and spending a lot of time at gymnastics things are going okay over here. Hope all is well with you as well!

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  1. You sure have a cute kid! And I feel 'fortunate' to have made it onto your blog. My dad used to be an accountant for Stampin' Up. Craziness! Cute boxes, yes!