Friday, October 16, 2009

Square Pumpkins

I really love to do crafty projects-especially fall ones. Of all the things I have made for my house probably 80% are fall oriented. This year as I was unloading my box of decorations I fell in love all over again with my square pumpkins and thought they would be fun to post. I got the idea for these when I was at Roberts making a Halloween card. I made mine a little different than theirs. That is why I like this project- there is a lot of personalization that can go into it. I will tell you what I used then you can make it fit your personality.

What You Need

1 4x4 cut into a 6in, 5 in and 4 inch rectangle these are the pumpkins- (we actually used an old fence post I like the weathered look)

1 dowel I used 1/2 inch but you may like yours wider... cut 3 1 inch stems or shorter you choose:)

rafia in orange and green

Orange and green acrylic paint- my orange is Americana brand "Burnt Orange" the green was dark green but I can't remember exactly

Sand Paper

glue Gun

-First Cut and sand your pumpkins to the desired texture

-paint all three blocks orange you can paint all the sides but I left the bottom brown

- when they are dry sand the edges; I rounded my edges and corners and roughed up the sides a bit for the weathered look

-for the stems I rounded the top a little before I painted- then paint green- after it is dry sand with sandpaper until desired look has been achieved.

-hot glue stems top middle of painted orange blocks and you have a pumpkin.

-I used rafia to tie around in a bow. You could also use wire twisted to look like vines, ribbon, leaves or whatever else

This was a simple craft that was so much fun. I thought I should share it. Every year when I pull them out I love them more.

Hope you enjoy


  1. I LOVE projects too, just haven't really done any in awhile. I think I want to try and make them sometime....Anyway they look fantastic and I'm jealous of your creative streak. :)

  2. These are so cute! I may do this some year. Thanks for the idea.

  3. I love things like that! So fun!