Thursday, September 24, 2009

7 things about me

So Katherine gave me a creative blogger award cuz she wants me to write more stuff so Thank you Kat. You get a post but since I can't figure out all that link stuff right now I will just do the most important thing write the 7 things about myself.
1- I have written 3 childrens books none of which will be published but I love to make up stories to tell to my kids and preschoolers. I especially like to tell Fairy Tales- I love Fairy Tales.
2- I am also a reader. My favorite book is most likely Pride and Prejudice. My husband got me Pride and Prejudice and Zombies for my birthday and I am quite enjoying it- (especially the appalling things they have Mr Darcy say to Miss Bingley;)
3-I always need a creative outlet of some kind. I often hop from obsession to obsession. My new hobbies are making bows and digital scrapping. I have actually made about 40 dollars selling bows at my school- Mostly I just give them away as presents.
4-I teach preschool and have been doing so for 10 years- The longer I teach the more I am convinced that I know nothing about children.
5-I made a meal plan for the month of September for the first time in my life and I am surprised to say that I follow it most of the time. I really only have to do dinner because we eat Breakfast and Lunch at my School. Still it is better than the frozen dinners we were eating nearly every day.
6-I love music. I am not good at music. I sing okay and play the flute a little-(mostly at Christmas just like Katherine- there is something about Flute music at Christmas I love). But I probably know more kids songs than the average person- Sometimes we play a game and school where the kids say a topic and I try to sing a song I know about it- fun but sometimes I have to make one up on spot.
7-I find that I am more comfortable in a space if there is just a hint of chaos about it. When things are too clean it make me uncomfortable. Does that make me obsessive non-complusive (the opposite of OCD).

I hope that is enough to satisfy the Kreative Bloggers(sorry don't know how to post it-I will learn how another time perhaps)
If you read me Seven things about you would be awesome to hear as well-( considering that I haven't talked face to face with most of you in years).


  1. First: have you considered having anyone look at your children's books? You should.

    Second: Once, when I was taking a second job as a part time mom, I had a daily menu for the entire month. Best month ever. No stress about "what do I fix" or "what should we buy." And we had great food all month. The sad part? My mom made the menu/meal plans, and I haven't been able to do it again without her help.

  2. I am lucky I just have to do dinner so I chose Mexican Monday, Tuesday Sandwiches, Wednesday Chicken, Thursday Breakfast, Friday Pasta, Saturday Soup, Sunday Misc. It has worked so far for me.. Not perfect but It is so nice to say okay that is what were having and not do the "what do I fix" thing..

  3. Trina, this is the first blog of yours I am reading and I would LOVE to read one of your children's stories to my son if you want to send me one! :)

  4. I didn't know you had a blog!!!!!! That is awesome!! That is so cute that you've written books for your girls, I'm sure they will cherish them!