Monday, February 22, 2010

How much is TOO Much?

So let me start by saying that I think my husband is hilarious. He is wonderful and I love him but something happened this week that I have to share. Cam has spent the last month pouring over websites that sale cell phones. He really dislikes our crappy free phones and we still have until Nov. on our contract. He thought a good way to spend some tax money would be to get a new phone. But all the phones he wanted were like 500 dollars without a contract. 500 for phone is too much for me. Does anyone else feel that way?? Besides that, our track record with his phones has been bad (cracked screens, going through the wash....). Then all of the sudden this weekend his phone cracks. He "flipped it open and the screen flew off" ..... I really do believe him but I can't help be reminded of just before we moved to our condo. Cams obsession at the time was flat screen TV's. He spent hours pouring over TV's on the web. Then one day I came home from work only to be told. I tried to fix the TV today now it won't turn on. What was wrong was loose audio visual cables (something I could totally live with). So Cam got his new TV because the old one conveniently "Broke". So I have to wonder do these things really break or is it sabotage :) hehe
So Cam is getting a new phone because the universe willed it to be time- and who am I to argue with the universe.


  1. I have a similar problem, only nothing breaks...he just comes home with the new. What else can I expect coming from my husband who is the technical guru around here (he's a programmer).

  2. I'm pretty sure that Keith brought about the death of our last television prematurely, as well. Although, when our flat screen broke, he did fix it himself (for reals) instead of insisting we get a newer, bigger one.

    And $500 for a phone? We're still using our old flip phones that don't even take pictures.

  3. The phone he is getting is not $500 signifigantly less I hope!

  4. You are a better woman than me, Trina. I have no room to talk as long as my status remains single, but honestly I would've put up a contrary opinion about it. Guess there's more things for me to learn, huh? :)