Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holding Back

The TreeMy girls in Front of the Tree

Around our house at Christmas we try to keep things really simple. We made a decision the first year we were married to not go overboard. We really wanted Christmas to be more about spending time together than getting lots of presents. Once we had kids we decided even Santa should keep it simple. Santa brings one present for the kids and fills stocking for everyone. He does not bring the grown-ups gifts. Then each of us gives a present to the others. About this time every year I start getting anxiety because the pile of presents looks so small. I have to constantly remind myself that we have everything we need. Cam really helps me stay focused on our goal to keep it simple. I would probably go broke at Christmas without him- or crazy- maybe both. We are constantly bombarded with images of what Christmas "should" look like. Stacks of presents- all in coordinating wrapping paper and bows, a giant tree with matching ornaments and ribbons, trays of goodies, fancy meals, clothes and toys and lights and the list keeps going. Not that any of these things are bad but..... It is easy to get caught up in other peoples ideas of what Christmas should look like. I am finally starting to figure out what I want my Christmas to look like. I don't have the biggest best tree, my decorations aren't fancy- in fact I made most of them myself or got them as gifts. My Christmas is a modge podge of memories all put together in a way that makes me feel happy and loved. I love looking at my Christmas tree and not seeing tons of matchy matchy ornaments that I just bought. I love that almost every ornament reminds me of someone or something. Christmas is a great time to remember not only Christ and the gift his life is to us but also remember all those around us who bless our lives every day. This is me wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful new year full of new memories to last a lifetime and beyond.Our Gingerbread cookiesUs singing the Christmas song we wrote( I couldn't get the video to upload here so I posted it on Facebook if you missed it)

Below are the words and Chords of Our song- for fun.....


  1. Thank you! You have it figured out and I think it's great!

  2. We went a little overboard this year, and we've regretting it just a little.

    Christmas growing up for me was very much like you described. We drew names and everyone bought (or usually made) one gift for that person. On Christmas, you got the present from the person who drew your name and then one gift from "The family." It was simple, but extremely happy. Although, I think that is easier to do with a family of 10.

  3. You are such a good example of what Christmas should be like....ours was definitely an overload!

  4. Your girls are so beautiful! I love updates from you guys!