Sunday, November 15, 2009

Blast from the Past- High School

I was going through some Pictures today and found a few from High school I just had to share....Sorry if anyone wanted those days to be buried and gone- I just dug them up....!
Child Development 2 class
Emily's Blue tounge
Yes that is N'SYNC and yes it is upside down on purpose.
I love this one of Kat curled up in the best chair that ever existed- notice the journal clutched to her chest:)
Me Tonya and Emily at a sleepover- one of MANY
Backstreets Back! That is all I have to say about that:P
Kat's House in hills- I miss the log walls!
Dec.31 1997 New Years Eve. Ready for a Region Dance Lookin' Good!
Tonya and Kat- This was a makeover night. I remember waving hair then wetting it down and blow drying cuz someone didn't like how it turned out....
Both of these dresses were mine...How many times did we switch clothes. Stylin' for yet another Region Dance- Let's get ready to Macarena (sp?)
I can't remember what we did this night probably not just drive around in Tonya's car and honk at the houses of the boys we liked... WE were much to mature to do something like that!
Me and Emily- let us just note that once in my life my room was CLEAN.

I had a lot of fun coming across these pictures. Those were fun years full of great friends and fun. This is dedicated to all ya'all. I love you still. Even though we aren't close like we used to be I think about you all the time and send good thoughts your way. Thanks for all the FUN!


  1. These completely made my day! I have copies of almost all these pictures. All except the chair one. Oh, the memories.

  2. I agree with Kat, those made my day. Since my son was right here as I saw them; I just had to show this to him also.